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WOW! Inflatables
Shaping your events and products.

Welcome Guests!

This is the Official website of WOW Inflatables, an offspring division of the highly successful WOW FireWorks, a licensed manufacturer and distributor of superior pyrotechnic devices made from imported materials.

WOW! Inflatables gives shape to any event or product. From small point-of-purchase standees, pop display booths, flying banners, corporate and promo gifts & giveaways, to inflatable arches and dancing tubes, huge outdoor domes, tents, product replicas, moving mascots, decors and giant promotional balloons, whatever the requirement is, our team can custom-create it for you.

Our company also manufactures water inflatables like banana boats, trampolines, playgrounds and icebergs, mobile play pods and items for kiddie parties such as jumping castles, bouncers and slides.

WOW Inflatables also supplies fireworks, pop display booths, promo gifts & giveaways, confetti machines, various theatrical and stage special effects, colored smoke and “daytime” pyrotechnics.

With WOW! Inflatables—–Pump up your brand!